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YC & Associates provides high quality legal services to individuals and companies across Melbourne area and Victoria. We handle cases across all areas of Family Law, Immigration, Commercial law, Will & Wills and Power of Attorney, Property & Conveyancing, and Contract Law.

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Contact our team to ascertain the process your legal problem, free phone appointment.
We will select the right lawyer right lawyer to represent you based on expertise.
We will arrange your meeting with the best lawyer for your circumstances as soon as possible.
Discuss your situation with our expert lawyer who will explain to you the relevant law and list the options available to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Once our team understand your legal issue in general, we will select the right lawyer to meet and have a discussion with you regarding your matter. We will explain your available options and advise you on what steps you should take to solve your legal problem.

There is no set time period in which a matter is to be resolved. However YC & Associates take pride in having the fastest response times in the industry. For every inquiry, we guarantee an initial response within 12 hours. After the initial consultation with our lawyers, you will have a better idea of the timeline for the next steps required.

After we get your initial inquiry, we will assign an expert lawyer in the relevant practice area to give you an initial assessment of the matter. As a multidisciplinary law firm, we can assign an expert lawyer to your matter. You can also request to speak to a particular lawyer at YC & Associates.

Each case is different, so it can be difficult to predict how much your matter will cost. The cost of your matter will depend on how long things take to be resolved and how much time your lawyer spends assisting you. 

Each lawyers at YC & Associates is costs-conscious and will work hard to ensure that our rates are competitive. It is important to minimise your costs where possible and ensure that your money is applied as effectively as possible, rather than spending it on tasks that give little benefit in return.

sourabh rana
sourabh rana
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Fymann Luch
Fymann Luch
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I had a very wonderful experience from the help of YC & Associates. They are very professional, Humble, Honest and fully experienced with the Australian Legal Work. If you seeking for the legal help, these are the right people you should see.
Jesslyn C
Jesslyn C
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Very helpful and approachable! High recommended the service!